Take heart; you matter, you are seen, you are loved, and you are not alone.

Speaking Reservations

Interested in having me come speak at a school assembly, workshop, or community event? 

Invite me to be a guest speaker at your school, business, or organization. I'll share my heart rock inception story; experiences I've had spreading them; and insights about mental health and spreading kindness. 

I am a storyteller. I speak to all age groups, adjusting which stories I tell to match my audience’s age and understanding. I have shared my message in dozens of elementary, middle, junior, and senior high schools all over the country.

In addition to school assemblies, I have presented at corporate events, residential treatment centers, retirement and nursing homes, youth groups and camps, home-school groups, religious devotionals, universities, libraries, and hospitals. I can easily tailor my message to meet the needs of any group.

My Message: Using Creativity and Kindness to Uplift Ourselves and Others

I am a kindness specialist, and my goal is to inspire peopleespecially our youth to use simple, frequent acts of kindness to bring joy to themselves and to others. 

I accomplish this goal by speaking openly about living with mental illness and facing life’s struggles by doing simple, frequent acts of kindness. My way of being kind? I make and give away heart rockstens of thousands of them! As of December 2023, I have distributed over 200,000 heart rocks, and they have been used to prevent at least 100 potential deaths by suicide.  

My main message is 20-60 minutes, with 40 minutes being the sweet spot. I will bring a laptop with an HDMI port, and a clicker for a PowerPoint presentation. 

I will give each person in attendance a heart rock to be their reminder on bad, off, or dark days that they matter; and they are loved, seen, important, wanted, beautiful, and good; and the world is a better place because they are in it. 

I will invite them to keep their heart rock for as long as they need itmaybe even their whole lifeand then, when they are ready, they can pass it on to someone else who may need it.

My goal is to normalize that life is hard, that we all struggle, and that we can all do something about it by being kind, doing it our way, and doing it often. I share how I have become “The Heart Rock Guy” by being kind in my own way, and how they can become kind too. 

I am a NAMI-certified safe suicide speaker; and upon request, I can talk about how I have helped prevent dozens of potential deaths by suicide with my heart rocks and share how everyone can do the same by being kind in their own way. 

If you have additional questions about my presentation, please email me at tom@takeheart.rocks. 


If you would like me to come and speak, my required minimum cost is $1.00 per person in attendance. You can choose between rough heart rocks for $1.00/person or polished heart rocks for $1.50/person. You can see pictures of the difference between rough and polished hearts on my product page.

I accept a standard speaking fee to cover my preparations, travel, time, labor, and follow-up. This fee is negotiable and can vary depending on the organization, its size, and location. Many local schools have opted to pay $500 per assembly.

However, I do not want the speaking fee to prevent the impact of flooding your school or organization with heart rocks. I am happy to negotiate a reasonable speaking fee with you, so please contact me if you have questions or concerns regarding this.

Most schools fund assemblies with grant funding, PTA fundraising, or donations from local businesses. Under extreme circumstances, I may be able to donate heart rocks through my own fundraising, but I would need to know several weeks in advance (because I have a lengthy waitlist).

To see my availability and schedule a presentation click HERE.