Hi, I'm Tom "The Heart Rock Guy"

I am a Utah-based stone carver, Nami-certified safe suicide speaker, and kindness specialist.

I live with mental illness. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 29 (I'm 33, although most say I don't look it). I've found that being kind helps me cope and find happiness regardless of my headspace and circumstances. My way of being kind: making and giving away lots and lots of heart rocks.

I have spoken at scores of schools, churches, and organizations sharing stories of experiences I have had giving away over 120,000 heart rocks in an effort to save one life by preventing a death by suicide. 

I drive a Prius, have a pet Burmilla, own six colors of Allbirds, and have averaged completing 2-3 audiobooks weekly for several years. 

My current favorite book: Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

My wife and I live in Mapleton, Utah. We thoroughly enjoy going on walks, traveling, and visiting our families (especially the ones that live in tourist destinations...).


How You Can Help:

Follow and share my misison and on social media. I'm most active on Instagram. I share my favorite heart rock stories as well as give updates, and frequently do heart rock giveaways. 

Invite me to speak at your school, church, community, or organization.

Donate to one of my GoFundMe campaigns.

Volunteer to manage a Take Heart booth at your local farmer's market or event.


My Belief

I believe that good people using heart rocks as tools to spread love and compassion save lives, one at a time. I am aware of dozens of potential deaths by suicide prevented with heart rocks creating human connection.

Take Heart,


Tom Ballard