My Story:

Several years ago, I lived in Ocean Shores, Washington. I taught high school Spanish and collected naturally shaped heart rocks on the beach.

One particularly rainy winter, our small community was shaken by several deaths by suicide. I found a naturally shaped heart rock on the beach and decided to give it to one of my students. Then I thought, "I want to give all of my students a heart rock." I bought a little tile saw and began making my own heart rocks.

As soon as I had enough natural and homemade heart rocks, I brought them to school and let my students choose their favorites to be their personal reminders that they matter and are loved.

After school that day, many students returned to my classroom and said they had given away their heart rocks and asked for more. They began naming the people they wanted to give them to.

I realized in that moment that heart rocks are not only powerful personal reminders but also tools for compassion. 

I began carving hundreds of heart rocks, and my students gave them away.

A few months later, my family was touched by suicide.

I moved home to Utah to support my little sister, and I brought my heart rocks with me. I determined I would do everything in my power to prevent suicides in Utah. I realize not all suicides are preventable, but I believe that giving people simple, frequent reminders that they matter and are loved can help.

And so it began. 


My Mission:

My goal is to have 1 Million heart rocks being distributed in Utah schools within the next three years.

In the past two years, I have carved over 23,723 heart rocks, and created a collective of stone carvers to help me make nearly 30,000 more.

I have donated tens of thousands of heart rocks to schools, hospitals, recovery centers, nursing homes, counseling centers, and many non-profit organizations. 

In Oct 2022, I went to Uvalde, TX and distributed 10,000 heart rocks.

Families in all 50 states and in 57+ countries use my heart rocks as reminders that they matter and are loved. 


Here and Now

I am now a full-time motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and stone carver.

I have dozens of school, church, and community events scheduled.

I am working daily to train and build my collective of stone carvers. All of them are onboard with the suicide prevention mission.

I am training volunteers to manage Take Heart booths at their local community markets, and to flood their schools and community with heart rocks.

I am increasing my reach with social media and improving my website and online resources.

I am contacting schools and offering them heart rocks.


How You Can Help:

Invite me to your school, church, community, or organization.

Donate to one of my GoFundMe campaigns.

Volunteer to manage a Take Heart booth at your local farmer's market or event.


My Belief

I believe that good people using heart rocks as tools to spread love and compassion save lives, one at a time. I am aware of dozens of potential deaths by suicide prevented with heart rocks creating human connection.

Take Heart,


Tom Ballard